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ShippingEasy can import Amazon Fulfillment Network products and inventory. When enabled, this information is displayed on the PRODUCT CATALOG page. Learn how to import Fulfillment by Amazon inventory.

Once imported, data on your Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) products and available inventory will be at your fingertips. View your FBA inventory levels, along with all other inventory levels in one place - your ShippingEasy PRODUCT CATALOG. Eliminate inventory surprises by setting low stock alerts and running reports specifically for your FBA managed inventory.

There are a few ways to access your FBA products and inventory data.


The filter and columns described below are only available when your Amazon store in ShippingEasy has been enabled to import FBA data.

Filter FBA Products on the PRODUCT CATALOG page

On the left side of the PRODUCT CATALOG, expand the "Location" filter. Then select Fulfillment by Amazon.


Now, only products that have inventory at a Fulfillment by Amazon warehouse will display.

When reviewing your Product inventory, the amount of available inventory at the Fulfillment by Amazon warehouse is displayed alongside your total available inventory.

View "FBA Available" inventory counts on the PRODUCT CATALOG page

On the PRODUCT CATALOG page, there is a column for "FBA Available". This column indicates the inventory that is currently located at a Fulfillment by Amazon warehouse and available for sale.


View FBA stock levels on a PRODUCTS Details page

On the PRODUCT CATALOG, locate the Product you want to view. Click on the Product Name or SKU.

On the PRODUCTS DETAILS page, see the table on the "Stock" tab. If the Product is included in your FBA inventory, there will be a row of the table for "Fulfillment by Amazon".



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