Add a Tracking Number to Drop Shipped Orders | How To

Merchants who dropship can track orders even if packing is done elsewhere. It is made possible by adding a tracking number to drop shipped orders. ShippingEasy can even send this information back to your integrated store!

To add a tracking number when marking an order as shipped:

  1. Go to the ORDERS page.
  2. Locate the order that has been drop shipped. Along the order line to the right, hover and expand the Actions menu and select Mark as Shipped.
  3. A modal window will appear. Enter in the item's Tracking Number and select the Carrier.

    Only carriers connected to your ShippingEasy account will be available from the menu.
  4. If you would like ShippingEasy to update the Tracking Number and Shipped status back to your store, check the box next to Update order status to 'Shipped' in my store.
  5. Select Save and ShippingEasy will transfer the order records to your SHIPMENT HISTORY, as well as update your store if requested.


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