Shipping Amazon Prime Orders | Troubleshoot

ShippingEasy provides support for Amazon Prime orders. If you haven't enabled this for your account yet, or are just getting started, check out our FAQs: Shipping Amazon Prime Orders.

If you have been experiencing any problems with processing your Amazon Prime orders in ShippingEasy, take a look at these common issues for more information.

Shipment error: ShippingEasy is unable to provide a rate quote for an Amazon Prime order

This error is commonly seen if you have not yet accepted the terms and conditions for all Amazon carriers. Even if you do not plan to use them all, you must accept all carriers' terms. This enables Amazon's software to provide rate quotes to ShippingEasy.

To accept the terms and conditions, log into your Amazon Seller Central account and then use this page:

Shipment error: I get a server error when I try to create a shipment for an Amazon Prime order

You may need to accept Amazon's Terms & Conditions. Log into your Amazon seller account to verify it these have been accepted. Follow our guide to updating your acceptance of Amazon Terms & Conditions.

Shipment error: The selected service and packaging are not currently eligible for this order

Amazon controls which combinations of carrier, service, and packaging are available for each Amazon Prime order. If you select (through a Saved Carrier Selection or with a Shipping Rule) a combination of carrier, service, and packaging that are not in Amazon's approved list for that order, ShippingEasy displays this error message.

NOTE: Amazon's list of valid combinations of carrier, service, and packaging will change for an Amazon Prime order over time. So a combination that is valid when the order initially arrives might not still be valid the following day. This is why it is important to ship Amazon Prime orders promptly.

Shipment error: Unable to return services for all carriers - FEDEX is temporarily unavailable

Amazon's label service can encounter intermittent connectivity issues to any of the systems for the three carriers (USPS, UPS, and FedEx), which can cause this error message.

There is a specific problem with Amazon's FedEx support that can also lead to this error message: no shipment phone number specified. Verify that in ShippingEasy your SETTINGS >> STORE ADDRESSES entry for the address you use for your Amazon store has a valid phone number specified. Learn more.

Shipment error: Internal Error (HTTP 500) reported by Amazon's shipping service. Please contact Amazon Seller Central support

Amazon's label service can encounter intermittent issues that cause it to return an error. Typically these errors are temporary and do not reoccur on a subsequent attempt.

You can check Amazon's MWS system health status site, or call Amazon Seller Central support (866-216-1072, option 2) to get information on the status of Amazon's label service.

Printing issues: Amazon Prime labels take longer to print

Amazon Prime label purchases must be processed through Amazon's server, in addition to ShippingEasy's and the carrier's server, to complete the transaction. This extra step means that it takes longer for ShippingEasy to receive the label file and forward it onto your selected printer.

Label error: The label template that I selected for USPS domestic shipments is not used

For all other domestic USPS shipments, ShippingEasy uses an Stamps feature to display order number, SKUs in the order, or special handling instructions ("FRAGILE," etc) on the shipping label. Unfortunately Amazon does not provide an equivalent feature for domestic USPS shipment labels created by Amazon.

Packing slip error: Lines that separate sections of my packing slip are drawn on my FedEx labels

Amazon's format for FedEx labels does not support ShippingEasy's placement of a FedEx label in the upper-right corner of an 8x11 page (suggested label stock: OL829). With ShippingEasy's default packing slip, the lines are drawn not only on the packing slip section, but also through the FedEx label:

Our Customer Success team can help you create a new packing slip template that does not include the horizontal lines. Learn more about contacting us for help.

Why do I see an Oops page on READY TO SHIP for all my Amazon Prime orders?

This is most likely caused by an invalid Ship From address. To resolve the problem, review and update the Ship From address in ShippingEasy. For Amazon Prime orders, the Ship From name can only be 30 characters or less.


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