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To win at e-commerce, you need more than just a simple shipping solution. By integrating your stores with ShippingEasy, you can ensure your business's success by taking advantage of the full ShippingEasy platform: shipping, inventory management, and customer marketing. These features help you reduce costs on shipping, automatically update stock levels, and manage your reputation while reaching new customers.

How many stores can I connect to?

There is no limit to how many stores you can integrate to ShippingEasy. Check out ShippingEasy's integration guides to connect to another store.

Can I connect multiple stores from the same platform to ShippingEasy?

Yes. If you sell on two different websites that are both hosted on the same sales platform, you can integrate each store with ShippingEasy.

Why doesn't my store show if it is connected?

Not all stores are integrated with ShippingEasy by the same method. Generally speaking, stores can be integrated with ShippingEasy in one of two ways:

  • The store "pushes" orders into ShippingEasy

  • ShippingEasy "pulls" orders in from the store

When a store is connected with a "push" integration, ShippingEasy is not able to see the connection status of the store. In this case, the STORES & ORDERS page will not show connected or disconnected.


The following integrations fall into this category:

  • Eleventh Ave

  • Navigator Business Systems

  • OneSaaS

  • OpenCart

  • PrestaShop

  • SynCommerce

  • WooCommerce

  • X-Cart

In contrast, stores connected with a "pull" integration must have an active connection in order for ShippingEasy to access order data. In this case, the STORES & ORDERS page will show a Connected status.


How do I replace or remove an existing store integration?

There are three steps that you need to complete when you replace an existing store: archive the existing store, delete any unshipped orders, integrate the new store so unshipped orders will re-sync.


As each store integration is unique, if you integrate two stores with the same orders you would see duplicate unshipped orders. Be sure to review any account settings such as Shipping Rules and Store Settings to make sure they have been updated and apply to your new store integration.

Archive The Existing Store

  1. Click on the X button that is to the right-hand side of each store's information.


    A pop-up dialog will open to confirm you would like to delete the store.

  2. Click OK to delete the store.


An error message will appear if the store you are attempting to remove is being used by a Shipping Rule. The rule named in the error will need to be edited or deleted before the store can be disconnected. Learn how to edit or delete a Shipping Rule.

Delete Any Unshipped Orders

If you have any unshipped orders on the READY TO SHIP screen, click the 'x' to send them back to the ORDERS page. Once the orders are back on the ORDERS page, you can delete them by following these steps:

  1. Click the More button and select Remove Orders.

  2. Review your selection and confirm that you would like to proceed. 

    Remember - this action cannot be undone!

Integrate New Store

This last step will re-integrate the store so any unshipped orders will re-sync.


You must be logged in with the Account Owner user login to add a new store.

  1. The STORES & ORDERS page will display all of the stores that you've added to your account.

  2. Click on the +Add New button.

    Add new store button
  3. Select your new store type from the Platform menu.


    Depending on the platform, you will be prompted to provide a store URL and/or other credentials. Links to specific directions for integrating the selected store can be found underneath the credential fields.

Once complete, your new stores' orders will start syncing within 15 minutes. Learn more about the initial order download.

How do I reconnect my store?

You may find that your store has quit communicating with ShippingEasy. That may be because it is necessary to update your API URL, API key, and/or online store API credentials in ShippingEasy.

To do this, you need to complete two things:

First, disconnect your existing store integration.

You can disconnect a store in your ShippingEasy account by navigating to SETTINGS > STORES & ORDERS.

Then locate the store you need to disconnect and click the red X button in the top right corner.

Second, reconnect the store integration.

When a store is either archived or disconnected, ShippingEasy is unable to sync your orders. While the end result is the same, a store is archived or disconnected by different means.

Reconnect an Archived Store

An archived store is removed from your list of active stores. A record of the store is kept in the "Archived Stores" tab.



Once a store has been connected to ShippingEasy it can only be archived. It cannot be completely deleted. This is to ensure that the data associated with orders, shipments, contacts, and products remains intact.

  1. Click on the "Archived Stores" tab.

  2. Click the Activate link to the right of the store listing.

  3. Click OK to confirm you want to reactivate the store.

  4. ShippingEasy will re-establish the connection to your store, and move your store listing to the "Active Stores" tab

Reconnect a Disconnected Store

A disconnected store means the credentials are outdated or invalid. The store will remain listed in your "Active Stores" tab, but with a 'Disconnected' alert above it.

  1. Locate your disconnected store in the "Active Stores" tab, and click the Re-connect button on the right.

  2. If your credentials have changed, you may need to enter new, valid credentials.


If these steps do not work, try a forced reconnect.




I somehow ended up with two Etsy stores so every Etsy order shows as two of the same order number & I have to delete one order. It sounds simple to remove a store from Shipping Easy; however I do NOT have a red X next to any of my stores to be able to delete a store.  Any other suggestions how to delete a store? 

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