Why am I missing orders on the ORDERS page?

If you have been filtering your orders on the ORDERS page, filters that are applied do not automatically reset when you navigate away. This helps you pick back up where you left off. However, it may also make it look like you are missing orders. There are a couple of ways to clear your filter selections.

Filters are saved per user login session. This means if multiple users log in from the same workstation, filters set by previous users will not apply.

All Orders selection

Check to make sure your ORDERS page is set to "All Orders".

To clear individual filter selections

Go to the top left-hand corner of the ORDERS page and deselect the boxes you have checked by clicking them. Keep in mind that filters can contain checked selections when open or closed.

To clear all filter selections

Filters are persistent and will remain when navigating between the ORDERS page and other pages in the app. If a filter is set and no orders can be returned because of the filter setting, you will be prompted to clear the filter:

You can also select Clear Filters in the upper right-hand corner of the ORDERS page under Saved Filters.

If you are still missing orders, they may have been removed because they are old. Learn more about missing orders.


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