Obtain proof of USPS postage refund | How To

When you cancel a label in ShippingEasy that was generated through USPS from ShippingEasy One Balance, a refund is automatically requested. However, it can take 14 to 24 days to process the refund. Once approved, your refund(s) will be automatically deposited into your postage balance.

USPS requires 10 business days to process the postage refund on their end, as they need to ensure that the tracking number for the cancelled label doesn't subsequently show up in the mail stream.

Depending on how closely you would like to manage your refunds, there are a few options:

To view an overall refund request history
  1. Go to the Stamps login page and proceed to log in with your account number and web password.
  • Locate your One Balance username and password in your ShippingEasy account, on your Shipping Providers screen. Go to SETTINGS >> ONE BALANCE AND CARRIERS. Your username will be readily visible. Click the blue text Show Passwords to view your password. We recommend copying and pasting your password into Stamp's log in screen.
  • Click on the Reports tab and click on the Balances tab on the left side of the page.
  • All credits and expenses issued to your account will display within the time frame you select. You can customize the view by changing the interval of time displayed:
  • The "Funds Credited" column will show you the amount of postage that has been credited to your account in a given time frame.
  • To view the status of requested refunds
    1. Click on the History tab.
    2. Click on Status on the left side of the page and then click Refund Pending.
    3. Locate the shipment you requested a refund for and scroll to the right to view the
      • Refund Type
      • Refund request date
      • Refund Status
      • Refund requested
    To confirm that a specific label has been refunded in Stamps
    1. Navigate to your Stamps.com Transaction History by going to HISTORY >> SEARCH PRINT HISTORY .
    2. Click the magnifying glass to open up the advanced search.
    3. In the advanced search feature, insert the ship date. In the recipient’s box, input the tracking number.
    4. Locate the shipment and scroll to the right to view the
      • Refund Type : E-Refund, Mail
      • Refund request date: Date refund was requested
      • Refund Status: Status of refund
      • Refund requested: Type of refund requested


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