View and Edit Unshipped Order Details | How To

ShippingEasy makes it easy to see your order data. You can find all your unshipped orders on the ORDERS page.

View Order Details

There are three ways to access the Order Details. Each of these will expand the Order Details display within which you can view and edit order values.

  1. ORDERS Page - Order Line Item

    Locate the order on the ORDERS page and click anywhere on the line.

    Orders page one line item marked
  2. ORDERS Page - Pencil Icon

    Click the pencil icon to the right of the order line.

  3. Global Search

    Enter the order number into the Global Search box from anywhere in the app to view the Order Details:


    This will take you to the Global Order Details page:


    Click any of the Edit options in the Actions box to expand the Order Details display.


Edit an Unshipped Order

If you need to make a change to an order that has already synced to ShippingEasy, you can quickly update the order from the Order Details page before processing the shipment. If you are not able to make edits to the line items or recipient address, you may need to [have your user permissions updated].

Editing Order Line Items May Prevent the Order from Updating to Shipped Status

When ShippingEasy sends a notification to your store to mark an order as Shipped, we will match the shipment order details with the original order details listed in your store.

If you make changes to any of the order details (such as Item Name, Quantity, Weight, and Price) in ShippingEasy, the shipment order details will no longer match the original order details listed in your store, so the order may not be marked as shipped.

Edit Shipment Configurations

In the Shipment Configuration section of the Order Details, you can edit:

the numbered top half of the order details
  1. Shipping Selection: Select a Shipping Preset to use or [edit the shipping preset].

  2. Service: Choose from one of your connected carriers to change the service or browse rates. [Learn more about connecting a carrier account.]

  3. Packaging: Choose from the selected carrier package options or a standard "Package" option. [Learn more about package options.]

  4. Dimensions: Shipping dimensions are only used if you are sending a shipment in a custom box or envelope rather than in a carrier's flat-rate packaging. [Learn more about shipping dimensions.]

  5. Order Weight: Edit the weight of an order that synced to ShippingEasy without a weight or change the weight. If you have a USB scale connected via ConnectEasy, you will see the weight register from the scale. [Learn how to configure a USB scale.]

  6. View Additional Options: Click to add [insurance] or a [Signature Confirmation] to your shipment.

Edit Order Details

From within the Order Details display, you can edit:

  1. Order line item details

  2. Addresses

  3. Tags

  4. Notes

Click the pencil icon next to the section you want to edit:


Editing Order Line Item Details

The following Line Item Detail fields can be edited:

  • Name

  • Quantity

  • Price

  • Weight

  • Product Options

  • Gift Message


Things to Note about Editing Order Line Items

  • Item SKUs cannot be edited.

  • Display Product Options must be turned on in your store settings for the Product Options to be displayed. [Learn more about Product Options.]

  • Editing the Total (price) of an item is possible, but this will not update the $Total on the ORDERS page or the {{shipment.total_paid}} variable on Packing Slips or Email templates.

    Due to the differences in how each platform treats an item’s cost (with and without tax), we are not currently able to re-total the whole shipment order amount.

Editing Order Addresses

It is important for orders to have valid addresses to ensure delivery and provide you with an accurate rate quote. You can edit the recipient and address information in the Order Details display.


If an address is invalid, an alert will appear next to the address. Within the Order Details display, you can select to "Fix" the address or "Use Anyway". [Learn more about how ShippingEasy validates addresses.]


Editing Order Notes

ShippingEasy allows for 3 types of notes to be added to orders: Customer, Internal, and Gift.

Internal notes do not display anywhere outside of ShippingEasy and are meant to help organize your shipping process. [Learn more about internal order notes.]

Gift and customer notes can be pulled in from your store and edited in ShippingEasy, or they can be added in ShippingEasy after your order has synced.

Click the text box in the Order Details display and type in your note.


Editing Order Tags

You can add up to 10 tags to individual orders or to multiple orders at one time. In the Order Details display, locate the Tags field. Type the name of the tag and select enter to add it to the order.



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