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The following rates are effective October 2, 2022:

Parcel Select | Cubic

Parcel Select Ground | Commercial

What are USPS Parcel Select Ground - Commercial rates?

Parcel Select Ground

Parcel Select Ground is USPS’s ground-based service. It is one of the least expensive but slowest USPS services available. Delivery is estimated between 2-5 days. Learn more about USPS Parcel Select Ground.

Cubic Rates

Beginning on July 10, 2022, USPS will offer cubic rates for Parcel Select Ground shipments.

Commercial Rates

Commercial pricing is a discounted postage rate lower than Retail pricing and only available to qualifying shippers, including ShippingEasy subscribers. Learn more about USPS Commercial pricing.

Parcel Select Ground rates are determined by package weight and dimensions, distance (Zone), and rate class.

The cubic feet measurement for the package is calculated by: [ Length x Width x Height ] / 1728 = Cubic Feet.

  • Packages must have a  minimum dimension of .25 for each side to generate a cubic rate.

  • All measurements should be rounded down to the nearest 0.25 inch.

  • Weight must not exceed 20 lbs.

Nonstandard Fees & Dimensional Noncompliance Fees:

USPS has added Nonstandard Fees & Dimensional Noncompliance Fees for oversized packages or packages labeled with incorrect dimensions effective April 2022. These surcharges will only apply to domestic residential and commercial addresses.

Flat Rate packages and Regional Rate packages are not applicable.

Learn more about all the USPS rate changes for 2022.

USPS assigns a Zone based on the shipment's zip code in relation to the package destination. This zone then becomes the measurement by which the domestic shipment must travel, ranging from Zone 1 (local) to Zone 9 (very far away). Costs increase as the Zone, or distance, increases. For example, if a package travels 9 zones, the cost will be more than a package traveling only 1 zone. Learn more about zones.

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