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What are USPS Priority Mail Express, Retail rates?

Priority Mail Express

Priority Mail Express is the fastest USPS service, even offering overnight delivery. Guaranteed delivery in 1-3 days. [Learn more about USPS Priority Mail Express].

Retail Rates

Priority Mail Express rates are based on parcel weight, dimensions or packaging, distance, and rate class.

When a custom package is used, parcel weight and dimensions are used to determine postage costs. Costs increase as weight and dimensions increase. [Learn how dimensions affect rates].

Postage costs also increase as the distance increases. USPS uses Zones to measure the distance a domestic shipment must travel, ranging from Zone 1 (local) to Zone 9 (very far away). [Learn more about Zones].

Flat Rate services require specially marked envelopes that receive one rate, regardless of distance or weight. If items fit, Flat Rate envelopes are often the lowest cost option. USPS provides packaging at no cost. [Learn how to order supplies].

Retail pricing is offered directly from the USPS at Post Office retail locations or It does not include discounts on postage prices like those received via ShippingEasy. [Learn more about USPS Retail pricing.]


USPS rates changed January 24, 2021. Learn more about 2021 rates.

Compare with Priority Mail Express Retail

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Holiday Surcharge

USPS rates increased for specific domestic services on October 3rd, 2021. Learn more about the USPS Holiday Surcharge.

Flat Rate



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