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What are USPS Priority Mail, Retail rates?

Priority Mail

[Priority Mail] is a versatile, efficient, and affordable service. Delivery estimated between 1-3 days.

Retail Rates

Priority Mail rates are based on parcel weight, dimensions or packaging, and distance, as well as rate class.

When a custom package is used, parcel weight and dimensions are used to determine postage costs. Costs increase as weight and dimensions increase. [Learn how dimensions affect rates].

Postage costs also increase as the distance increases. USPS uses [Zones] to measure the distance a domestic shipment must travel, ranging from Zone 1 (local) to Zone 9 (very far away). Calculate your zone using the USPS ® Dynamic Zone Map.

In contrast, Flat Rate services require specially marked boxes and envelopes that receive one rate, regardless of distance or weight. In most cases, [Flat Rate packages] are the lowest cost option, if items fit within the box. [USPS provides packaging at no cost].

Retail pricing is offered directly from the USPS at Post Office retail locations or It does not include discounts on postage prices like those received via ShippingEasy. [Learn more about USPS Retail pricing].


USPS rates changed January 24, 2021. Learn more about 2021 rates.

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Holiday Surcharge

USPS rates increased for specific domestic services on October 3rd, 2021. Learn more about the USPS Holiday Surcharge.

Flat Rate



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