Tophatter integrates directly with ShippingEasy. Tophatter is a platform for selling your products which makes it easy to receive orders and ship them to your customers. ShippingEasy will automatically send queries to read the orders from your Tophatter account and then load them into our application. Once shipped, shipment data will be sent back to your Tophatter store.

Tophatter Integration Requirements

Connection Requirements:

  • You must have a live account with Tophatter.

  • Tophatter API Token.

Order Requirements:

  • The order must have a Ship To address.

  • Once Tophatter is integrated with ShippingEasy, orders that have been placed in the last three days will begin to appear on the ORDERS page.

    If you have orders older than three days old, you can create manual orders for these shipments. Learn more about creating manual orders in ShippingEasy.

Connect a Tophatter Store to ShippingEasy

How to connect your Tophatter to an existing ShippingEasy account

  1. Select Tophatter from the Platform drop-down menu.

  2. Complete your store integration by adding your Tophatter Store Nickname and API token.


That's it! Your store is connected to ShippingEasy!

Tophatter Order Data

Tophatter Standard Data Supported

ShippingEasy's Tophatter integration supports the following features and order data fields:

Supported Order Statuses

Tophatter order statuses map to ShippingEasy in the following way:

Tophatter Status

ShippingEasy Status




Awaiting Payment


Awaiting Fulfillment

Partially Fulfilled

Awaiting Fulfillment


Awaiting Fulfillment

On Hold

Awaiting Fulfillment




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