Integrating GroovePacker

How to: Integrate GroovePacker with ShippingEasy

GroovePacker is an inventory management system that provides scan and pack verification for your warehouse. It's easy to integrate GroovePacker with any existing ShippingEasy account! Learn more about using ShippingEasy with GroovePacker.

If you don't have a ShippingEasy account, find out how to start your free trial.

Use this guide to connect your GroovePacker store with ShippingEasy.

  1. Log into your GroovePacker account.

  2. Under the Store Settings section, click Create Store.

  3. Add a name to your store and choose ShippingEasy from the Store Type dropdown.

  4. In ShippingEasy, navigate to SETTINGS and click API CREDENTIALS.

  5. Copy and paste the API KEY and API SECRET into the corresponding fields in GroovePacker.


And that's it! You are ready to start importing products from GroovePacker.

Groovepacker has additional information about the integration with ShippingEasy. Learn more from Groovepacker.

If you have problems that require extra assistance, please reach out to our team.

How to use ShippingEasy with GroovePacker

GroovePacker supports a unique barcode packing QC system. Their system enables merchants to add scan and pack verification to existing shipping work-flows. In turn, this empowers greater packing oversight without changing how you manage orders or print labels. Learn more about GroovePacker.

How do orders and shipments move between ShippingEasy and GroovePacker?

In a nutshell, orders from ShippingEasy are imported directly to GroovePacker. Once in GroovePacker, their tools can be used to ensure that your shipments are packed correctly. Once packed, GroovePacker can bring you back to ShippingEasy to purchase and print shipping labels for each order.

To connect GroovePacker with ShippingEasy:

Before you can use GroovePacker's tools with your ShippingEasy orders, you'll need to connect your accounts. Find out how in our step-by-step guide.

To send orders or shipments to GroovePacker:

Orders are imported from ShippingEasy to GroovePacker using the “Import Orders” button in GroovePacker.

NOTE: there is not a periodic sync of GroovePacker with your ShippingEasy orders.

Orders will only import to GroovePacker by clicking the "Import Orders" option in GroovePacker.

Orders are imported based on settings made in the ShippingEasy import options within GroovePacker. Within the import options, you can select one or both of the following:

  • Ready to Ship: When enabled, orders found in the ShippingEasy READY TO SHIP page will be imported to GroovePacker. This is the option to choose if you will be creating shipping labels one at a time after each order is packed.

  • Shipped: When enabled, GroovePacker will import orders that are marked as Shipped in ShippingEasy. This is if you print your shipping labels in bulk or batches before packing. If you do a mix of both workflows you may want to have both options enabled.

Learn more about the ShippingEasy import options within GroovePacker.

On the first import, all new or modified orders within the last 4 days are pulled into GroovePacker from ShippingEasy. On subsequent imports, only new or recently modified orders, since the last import, are pulled into GroovePacker.

To return to ShippingEasy to create shipments:

If you are creating labels one at a time, after each shipment is packed, you can enable the ShippingEasy "Printing Popup" option in GroovePacker. Learn how.

NOTE: to use the "Printing Popup," your browser must allow popups from

The ShippingEasy "Printing Popup" will enable GroovePacker to open your ShippingEasy account in a popup window. The order, that was just packed, will be displayed on the READY TO SHIP page. This makes it easy to quickly purchase and print the shipping label. Watch a tutorial.

If the order has not been added to the READY TO SHIP page in ShippingEasy, the "Printing Popup" will indicate the order cannot not be found. In this case you will need to use ShippingEasy to create the shipment, purchase, and print the label. Learn more.

NOTE: if you prefer to ship in batches, it is recommended that you enable the "Shipped" import order status in GroovePacker.

The "Shipped" option will import orders after purchasing labels in ShippingEasy. This will eliminate the need to return to ShippingEasy after each label purchase. Learn more about batch shipping.

Why can't I find my orders in GroovePacker?

Orders might not be downloading from ShippingEasy to GroovePacker:

There are few things that may prevent your orders from downloading into GroovePacker:

  • Orders may not be in the correct status: GroovePacker is configured to download specific statuses. You can verify your GroovePacker import settings by navigating to the ShippingEasy import options within GroovePacker - learn more. Depending on the import setting you have selected in GroovePacker, your orders may not import until after you have shipped them (purchased labels) in ShippingEasy.

  • Orders may need their date stamp modified: After the initial import, GroovePacker only recognizes new and recently modified orders. An easy way to update the date stamp on your orders is to apply a category from within ShippingEasy. Learn more.

  • Orders may contain line items (products) without a unique SKU: GroovePacker requires each line item (product) to have it’s own unique SKU and Barcode/UPC. This also includes SKU variants (products with variations like size, color or material). It is important that each variant have it’s own unique SKU. Learn more about adding SKU variants to Products in ShippingEasy.

GroovePacker might not be able to find the order in ShippingEasy:

If you've packed an order and GroovePacker cannot find it, it probably has not been added to the READY TO SHIP page in ShippingEasy. In this case, the ShippingEasy "Printing Popup" from Groovepacker will indicate that the order cannot be found.

In this case, you can create the shipment and purchase and print the label in ShippingEasy. Learn more.

How do I set up my Product SKUs in GroovePacker?

To alias your ShippingEasy Product SKUs in GroovePacker:

If you have already set up Product SKUs in ShippingEasy, it's easy to transfer this information to GroovePacker. Enable the "Extended product data" in GroovePacker to automatically set up product aliases and kits in GroovePacker. Learn more.

To generate barcodes from Product SKUs in GroovePacker:

IMPORTANT: only enable this option if your Product Barcode and SKUs match.

If your Product Barcode and SKU’s match, you can enable the ‘Generate Barcode from SKU’ option in GroovePacker. This will automatically create a barcode in GroovePacker identical to the SKU of the item. This option eliminates the need to setup new products in GroovePacker before scanning. Learn more.

If I cancel an order in ShippingEasy, will it automatically be removed from GroovePacker?

No. You will need to change the status of the order to Cancelled in GroovePacker. You can also delete the order from GroovePacker, but that runs the risk of reimporting if the order were later modified in ShippingEasy. Learn more.

I deleted an order in GroovePacker, how do I re-import it?

GroovePacker can only import recently modified orders. To re-import an order to GroovePacker, you will need to update the date stamp so that GroovePacker will recognize the order again.

An easy way to update the date stamp on your order is to apply a category from within ShippingEasy. Learn more.

My order import to GroovePacker was interrupted. How do I pull in the remaining orders?

There is a “Fix It” button in the import summary popup from GroovePacker that you can use to reset the date stamp on your remaining orders. This allows GroovePacker to import them. Learn more.

Can I leave orders in GroovePacker if I don’t finish packing or shipping?

Yes. While it is not required that the Awaiting list in GroovePacker is cleared each day, it is highly recommend. Doing so makes easier to see which shipments require packing for the day. It also helps with verifying that all orders imported that day were scanned.

Notes to consider if GroovePacker is set to import orders from the Ready to Ship page:

Orders left on READY TO SHIP and cleared from the Awaiting list in GroovePacker will not be imported again, unless their date stamp is modified.

To import these orders back to GroovePacker:

  1. Leave the unscanned orders in the Ready to Ship list.

  2. Click the Fix It button in GroovePacker to reset the timestamp.

  3. Run the import in GroovePacker.

This will import the orders to GooverPacker. They should be found in the Ready to Ship list after scanning.

How are split orders handled in GroovePacker?

There are three options which can be chosen from the ShippingEasy store settings page in GroovePacker.

The behavior will very depending on which is selected:

  • None - Only the main order is imported. Additional split shipments are ignored (not recommended unless the items in the split shipments do not require verification)

  • Verify Together - All shipments which are part of an order are treated as one order. Any of the items in any of the shipments of the selected order can be scanned in any sequence.

  • Verify Separately - Each of the shipments is verified independently. They are treated as if they were individual orders so only items in shipment being scanned will be accepted. After scanning is completed for one of the shipments in an order the next will be automatically opened for scanning until all shipments have been scanned.


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