How to integrate GeekSeller

GeekSeller is an eCommerce solution for multichannel, high-volume brands. Our partners at GeekSeller have built an integration for ShippingEasy.

Integrating Geekseller:

To get started contact GeekSeller at GeekSeller can provide more details about their system and help you create your GeekSeller account.

With the integration between GeekSeller and ShippingEasy you can now have orders automatically sent to ShippingEasy and tracking information entered into GeekSeller creating a seamless shipping process.

Using with GeekSeller:

GeekSeller can be used to sync orders into ShippingEasy.

  • GeekSeller built the ShippingEasy for extension, which provides a real-time connection between Jet and ShippingEasy. Your orders will pull in automatically and update back with the tracking information when the order is shipped.

  • Contact GeekSeller to complete the integration for you. That’s all you'll need to sync your orders to ShippingEasy!


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