Create eBay Compliant Email Templates | How To

Any email communications sent from ShippingEasy to your customers must be in compliance with eBay's member-to-member policy. This means the emails cannot contain contact information like email addresses, phone numbers, or website URLs. Additionally, if you are using ShippingEasy's Branded Tracking Page, you cannot include non-eBay store URLs or social media links.

eBay will block email communications - including emails from ShippingEasy - that violate their member-to-member policy. To ensure your shipment and delivery confirmation emails make it to your customers successfully, follow the guidelines provided below for both email templates and your Branded Tracking Page.

If you haven't already, create a custom email template that will apply to your eBay store orders. If you have created a custom template already, edit the template to remove the details outlined below.

Create eBay compliant email template

  1. Go to SETTINGS and click EMAIL TEMPLATES under Account Settings:
  2. Click the Pencil Icon next to your eBay Template to edit the template.
  3. Remove any non-compliant information from the template, including:
    • Store Phone
    • Store Email

    • Store Website (unless it directs to your eBay store)

    • Store social media links

  4. Click Update Template.




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