What's New in ShippingEasy?

We want to keep you up to date as we release new features and update ShippingEasy's functionality. This release information will focus on what's new and what has changed in our interface.

New Features

Added TRACKING to the Navigation bar

A new navigation bar entry for TRACKING was added and placed between SHIPMENTS and PRODUCTS. Clicking on TRACKING takes you to the Branded Tracking Page.

Branded SMS Notifications

The SMS Tracking Notifications gives your customers the option to receive SMS updates for their orders.

Learn more about Branded SMS Notifications in these new resources:


Mobile View

We are continuing to improve your experience when shipping on your mobile phone. Some of the new enhancements allow you to:

  • Sync your connected stores
  • Connect a disconnected store
  • Create manual orders
  • Edit weight and dimensions
  • Scroll through your order view
  • Added sorting options to the Orders page: order number, store name, number of items, and order date.
  • Added shortcut icon to mobile views for easy access

Read more about ShippingEasy on Mobile Phones.

March 2021

Regional carrier OnTrac

You can now connect your OnTrac account to ShippingEasy's ONE BALANCE AND CARRIERS page. OnTrac is a West Coast regional carrier with a presence in major markets like Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, and Seattle.

February 2021

Added additional FedEx features

You can now add your letterhead and signature images when using the Electronic Trade Documents feature on FedEx.

We have updated the following articles to show those new changes:

Enhanced Branded Emails page

We have updated the preview icons for Branded Emails to make it easier to see. 

We have also added a Save button for the "Custom Message". 

January 2021

$5 Starter plan

As of January 28, 2021, ShippingEasy introduced a new Starter plan for $5. This will replace the legacy, or previous, free Starter plan. This new plan will include extra features:

Read more about the Starter changes below:

Mobile Experience

There is a new version of the ORDERS page that is an improvement when using a mobile phone. Orders display one at a time, and you can make edits and buy labels.

READY TO SHIP print options

We renamed the print buttons on the READY TO SHIP to make it more clear what the print action will be.


The ONE BALANCE AND CARRIERS page has a brand new look! The new page will make it easier to manage your carrier accounts.


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