Increase Savings During the Holiday | Guide

As the holidays approach, carriers also begin to increase their rates. This can be costly for shippers who see an influx in their sales.  ShippingEasy has a solution to help save you time and money! ShippingEasy's UPS One Balance offers savings up to 62% that can be used across all channels. Combined with our automation features, we can apply the UPS One Balance reduced rates to all your orders. 

ShippingEasy's UPS One Balance can be applied to your orders in three ways:

Shipping Presets

Shipping Presets allows you to save preferred shipping configurations that you can access via Buy Label on the ORDERS page or through the READY TO SHIP page.

Shipping Rules

Shipping Rules automate order processing by applying IF/THEN to your orders. When set up correctly, ShippingEasy can assign a Shipping Preset to your orders based on identifiable conditions.

Manually choose a carrier and service

If you are not using Shipping Presets or Shipping Rules, UPS One Balance can be manually selected on the READY TO SHIP page.

If you have multiple orders that are going to ship using the same carrier, carrier service, and packaging, you can batch those orders together. Learn how to create a batch

To move orders individually, select the orders, and hit “Create Shipments.”


This will move the order(s) to the READY TO SHIP page:

On this page, select the order on the left side:


Then choose UPS One Balance as the carrier, select the service, and then the packaging from the drop-downs in the middle of the screen:


Update the weight and dimensions below that:


It is time to print your label!


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