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If you notice that the amount of your UPS One Balance funds are different than what you expected, it could be that an amount was debited or credited from your account to cover the difference for the cost of the label. This happens when things like package dimensions are entered incorrectly.

If the amount is underpaid, a debit will be made to cover the difference. If the amount is overpaid, a credit will be issued. These debits and credits will be shown as "Adjustments" in the account, our label server. Adjustments will post 1-2 weeks after delivery.

View adjustments for a UPS One Balance account

  1. Click the ONE BALANCE AND CARRIERS link in the top right corner of your ShippingEasy account.

  2.  On the ONE BALANCE AND CARRIERS page, locate your One Balance account, and click Manage Account.
  3. Click Account Settings.
  4. In Stamps, click the "Reports" tab at the top, and then on the left-hand side of the page, click "Balances".
  5. At the top right, change the report type to "Transactions"
  6. Scroll down to find the date the transaction took place and view any corresponding adjustments.
  7. Click on the Adjustment ID link to see the details of the fund adjustment.
The adjustment type "not previously billed CANADA residential delivery surcharge” is a generic surcharge name for all international shipments, not just to Canada. Whenever there is an international residential delivery surcharge that was not billed, this adjustment type will display.

If you would like to dispute the adjustments shown on the transaction list, you can contact for assistance.



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