Sync Amazon Prime Orders from ChannelAdvisor | How To

ChannelAdvisor merchants who have listed their products on Amazon's marketplace can ship their Prime items with ShippingEasy. Using ShippingEasy to ship Prime orders can help lower costs by exploring rate quotes prior to shipping and streamline your picking and packing process to achieve fast turn around times.

Setting up ShippingEasy to sync Amazon Prime Orders via ChannelAdvisor

  1. Connect ChannelAdvisor with Amazon. Follow ChannelAdvisors guide to connecting Amazon to your account.
  2. Connect ChannelAdvisor with ShippingEasy. Learn how to connect ChannelAdvisor to ShippingEasy.
  3. Provide ShippingEasy with your Amazon credentials, to sync your Prime orders from ChannelAdvisor. These steps are outlined below.
  4. Contact ShippingEasy's Customer Success team to complete account setup.

Linking ChannelAdvisor Store with Amazon Credentials

First, be sure that your:

Then provide ShippingEasy with your Amazon credentials:

  1. From any where in app, navigate to the SETTINGS icon and under the INTEGRATION section, select STORES & ORDERS.

  2. Under your ChannelAdvisor store information, click Edit store settings.
  3.  On the Orders tab in the ChannelAdvisor store settings you must enter you Amazon Seller Central credentials.channel_advisor_orders_tab_amazon_prime.PNG
  4. To find the ShippingEasy MWS token, copy and paste this URL into a browser:
  5. In the top right corner, go to Settings and select User Permissions.
  6. Under "Amazon MWS Developer Permissions" scroll to ShippingEasy and select to View under "MWS Auth Token".
  7. Copy the MWS token from the modal and paste in into ShippingEasy.
  8. Within ShippingEasy, click the Connect button to save your Amazon credentials to the ChannelAdvisor store settings.

Now you are ready to give ShippingEasy's Customer Success team a call so that they can review your account and enable Prime order downloads.

Shipping Prime Orders via Channel Advisor in ShippingEasy

After you have entered your Amazon Seller Central credentials into ShippingEasy, you can request that ShippingEasy’s Customer Success team enable your account for downloading Prime orders.

You will be charged a label fee for each label purchased from Amazon. This label charge is done separately from all other ShippingEasy charges and is included on a separate monthly invoice. Learn more about Amazon Prime label fees.

Once fully enabled, ShippingEasy will begin to download new Prime orders via your ChannelAdvisor store. If you have past, unshipped orders that need to sync, ask ShippingEasy’s Customer Success team for assistance.

ShippingEasy provides a number of features to help you ship Prime orders faster. Check our guide to shipping Amazon Prime orders.

When an Amazon Prime order is downloaded from Channel Advisor and shipped, a notification is sent back to Channel Advisor. This update includes information about the carrier and service.


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