Connect DHL eCommerce | How To

ShippingEasy supports the DHL eCommerce carrier for domestic and international shipments. Customers can generate labels, manifests, and manage these shipments within ShippingEasy. Learn more about processing DHL eCommerce shipments

DHL eCommerce requires that the following be provided in order to process shipments:

  • Dimensions must be included on all shipments
  • Manifests are required on DHL eCommerce shipments.

Connect DHL eCommerce to ShippingEasy

Reach out to DHL eCommerce to get an account created. DHL needs to approve the account for API access. Once complete:

  2. Scroll to DHL eCommerce and click Connect DHL eCommerce.
  3. Enter the following:
    • Client ID
    • Pickup Number
    • Distribution Center
    • API Secret
    ShippingEasy cannot provide the API Secret. This must be generated by contacting the DHL account manager directly.
  4. Click Connect Account.

DHL eCommerce Services

Once you have DHL eCommerce connected, the following services are supported in ShippingEasy.

Service Name Domestic or International
Parcel Plus Expedited Domestic
Parcel Expedited Domestic
Bound Printed Matter Expedited Domestic
Marketing Parcel Expedited Domestic
Parcel Plus Ground Domestic
Parcel Ground Domestic
Bound Printed Matter Ground Domestic
Parcel Direct Express DDU International
Parcel Direct Express DDP International
Parcel Direct Priority DDU International
Parcel Direct Priority DDP International
Packet Priority International
Packet IPA International
Packet Plus International
Parcel Standard International

Delivery confirmation is required on all DHL services except:

  • Marketing Parcel Expedited
  • Packet Priority
  • Packet IPA

DHL Manifests

It is required to manifest DHL shipments each day. Without a manifest, DHL will not be able to process the shipment. Learn more about DHL Manifests.

  • Separate requests are NOT necessary to create international and domestic manifests. You can create a manifest from a single request. Multiple manifests will be received back if there are multiple shipment dates, multiple origins, or multiple destination types (international vs domestic).
  • Up to 500 shipments can be put onto a single DHL manifest. If there are more than 500 shipments, ShippingEasy will automatically return multiple manifests.
  • When submitting a manifest request, it will manifest ALL DHL eCommerce shipments that do not yet have a manifest.


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