Syncing Shift4Shop Orders | Troubleshoot

We have identified some common causes of problems with syncing Shift4Shop orders into ShippingEasy. Click through the headers below to learn how to resolve them.

Your Shift4Shop store is disconnected from ShippingEasy

Check to see if you have any apps related to security as these could be blocking the connection. Additionally, if you have made any recent changes to your store, this could be affecting the connection.

There was an error during the Shift4Shop integration process

When integrating your Shift4Shop store with ShippingEasy using our integration guide, step 10 contains a critical process, in which a new window opens and the Store URL can be copied. If this window is closed before the URL can be copied, there is no way to reopen the window. You will need to remove the ShippingEasy entry from their Shift4Shop account and then add it again.

How to remove the ShippingEasy Entry from Shift4Shop
  1. In step 5 of the instructions, where you clicked the Change Settings link, you will see the REST applications listed that have just installed. Delete the ShippingEasy entry that was just added:
  2. Start again at step 6, "Click the+ Add button."

My custom statuses are not syncing

It is absolutely imperative that the custom status listed in ShippingEasy exactly matches the status as it is saved in Shift4Shop. Even a minor difference, such as spaces, capitalization, or punctuation, will result in orders failing to sync.

As a result, we recommend copying and pasting the statuses directly from Shift4Shop into ShippingEasy. Learn more about how to sync Shift4Shop statuses into ShippingEasy.


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