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Branded Tracking & Notifications is an easy-to-use, customizable way for consumers to track their products shipped via ShippingEasy. By pairing consumer satisfaction with brand confidence, a Branded Tracking pages show consumers all the details of their order, the location of their items, and the status of the delivery while keeping your brand front and center.

Merchants that utilize Branded Tracking & Notifications see an increase in ROI for their stores, a reduction in the number of inquiries about packages, and higher levels of consumer engagement. Increase your brand value by becoming part of the entire process - from purchase to delivery.

Branded Tracking

Branded Tracking makes your existing shipment confirmation emails more powerful by linking the carrier tracking information to your own branded portal.

ShippingEasy supports one Branded Tracking page per account. If you manage multiple brands in ShippingEasy, please share your feedback.

Access Branded Tracking settings by navigating to Settings > Branded Tracking.

3 Steps to Setup Branded Tracking
  1. Select the store that will use your Branded Tracking page for shipment notifications.
  2. Customize the design by selecting a theme, a logo, and a store name.
  3. Add navigation links and additional information to help customers connect with you.


Once your Branded Tracking page has been customized, you will be able to track the performance. Use this information to make small adjustments over time for an even better consumer experience.


Branded Emails

You must have Branded Tracking enabled to use this feature.

ShippingEasy has introduced Branded Emails to work in conjunction with Branded Tracking. The email templates update your customer on their package whereabouts once the shipping label has been created.

There are four shipping templates that are sent to notify the customer of the status of their order; Branded Shipment Confirmation Email, Branded Estimated Delivery Date, Branded Out for Delivery, and Branded Delivery Confirmation.

3 Steps to Setup Branded Emails
  1. Enable Branded Tracking on your account.
  2. Select the emails you want to be sent and add an additional note to the customer. 
  3. Confirm the notifications within your Store Settings.


Each store with Branded Emails can have its own customized message.

Use custom messaging to include your store's return policy or delayed delivery times.


You will see the active notifications in your store settings. If you need to manage or edit the notifications, a link will display to route you back to the Branded Tracking Page.



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