Branded Tracking

Branded Tracking is an easy to use customizable way for customers to track their products shipped via ShippingEasy. Be a part of the entire process from purchase to delivery as part of our Customer Marketing tool. Make sure you have already set up your shipment confirmation e-mail here, and your branded tracking will be automatically inserted into those emails once configured below.

Video Walkthrough

If you prefer, feel free to watch the short video that covers the information in this section and follow along on your account:

Step by Step Guide

Hover over marketing on the blue bar at top and select “branded tracking” from the drop down:


Click the “Start Customizing” button to begin your setup:


There are two steps to this setup: Customize, and Select Stores



The first part of the customize step is design. If you want to display the store name, enter that on the right, and leave the box below it unchecked. If you would rather display a logo, check the box and upload a logo. The add your store URL below it:


Next is Navigation, this is where you add direct links to your store to appear in the top left next to your logo. The left column is what will display, and the right column is where the link will lead:


Below that you add your social media links to appear as icon in the top right of the page:


Hit “next” in the top left to move on to the store selection step:


Store Selection

On this page, use the left side to select which store you wish to send the branded tracking link. If a store is greyed out, it is not eligible for branded tracking:


Click save and publish in the bottom left to activate the tracking page. It will be automatically inserted into shipping confirmation emails:


This turns into an analytics page that tracks the views and clicks the page has received:


In the top left of this page, you can toggle the branded tracking on or off without needing to update your email templates:


You can edit the design on the left side:


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