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DHL eCommerce (also known as DHL GlobalMail) is an international shipping solution. If you have a DHL eCommerce account, you can use it with ShippingEasy.
Below is a list of frequently asked questions about using DHL eCommerce with ShippingEasy.

What is the limit on the value of a DHL eCommerce shipment?

DHL eCommerce supports shipments valued up to $2500. Learn more about DHL eCommerce shipment limitations.

Why is the APO address not going through when I use DHL eCommerce?

DHL eCommerce does not fully support APO addresses.

Why can't I see a rate quote?

DHL eCommerce does not provide rate quotes.

How can I resolve an error in the number of shipments on my manifest?

If there is an error with the manifest generated by ShippingEasy and it has been received by DHL eCommerce, you will need to reach out to your DHL account manager for assistance resolving the issue.

Can I use DHL eCommerce services to return a shipment?

No. Returns are not allowed on DHL eCommerce shipments.

How can I cancel a DHL eCommerce label?

ShippingEasy does not provide an option for canceling a DHL eCommerce label. If the label is not scanned into the carrier system, your account will not be charged.


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