Manage Email Signup Forms in LuLaRoe BLESS | How To

Email Signup Forms are enabled in your BLESS account and create a banner on your Lularoe BLESS site that collects email addresses and stores them directly in your ShippingEasy account. The banner provides a way for interested shoppers to share their contact information with you. This will allow you to include them in promotional emails using Customer Marketing in your ShippingEasy account and encourage new sales. 

Enabling Email Signup Forms requires two things:
  1. A ShippingEasy account.
  2. Your Lularoe BLESS site is integrated into ShippingEasy.

If you need help with this process, see the section "How to: Troubleshoot Email Signup Forms issues".

Next, follow these steps to enable Email Signup Forms in BLESS.

Enable Email Signup Forms in BLESS

Enabling Email Signup Forms is easy. In just a few clicks, you’ll see the banner on your Lularoe BLESS site! 

  1. In BLESS, access the Email Signup Forms page from ONLINE SALES > SETTINGS.
  2. On the menu to the left of the page, click EMAIL SIGNUP FORM

  3. Enable Email Signup Forms by switching the toggle "on". 
  4. That’s it! You can preview the banner on your BLESS site by clicking the "preview" link in the congratulations box.  You can see your signups by clicking the "See your LuLaRoe BLESS store signups in ShippingEasy" link.

Troubleshoot Email Signup Forms issues

If you need a ShippingEasy account: 
  1. Click the "Start a FREE trial" button on the Email Signup Forms page in BLESS. Selecting this button will automatically create your ShippingEasy account and integrate your BLESS site. 
  2. After clicking the button, you should see the success message "ShippingEasy Account Created".
    If you received a failure message “ShippingEasy Account Not Created, please reach out to ShippingEasy support. 

You’ll receive an email to the address you use to log in to BLESS when your ShippingEasy account is automatically created. Open the email and follow the steps to create your ShippingEasy login. Learn shipping tips for LuLaRoe retailers using ShippingEasy

If you need to integrate your LuLaRoe BLESS site

If you see a message that a ShippingEasy account is required, but you know you have a ShippingEasy account - chances are that your LuLaRoe BLESS site is not integrated.

  1. Click the “Integrate BLESS to continue” link beneath the free trial button in BLESS. This will guide you through each step of integrating Lularoe BLESS to your ShippingEasy account. If you prefer, check out our video guide.
  2. Once your LuLaRoe BLESS site is integrated into your ShippingEasy account, head back to BLESS and try to enable Email Signup Forms by switching the toggle "on". If you don’t see the congratulations message, please reach out to ShippingEasy support.

Find your signups in ShippingEasy

Quickly find your signups in ShippingEasy so you can send marketing emails and promotions to hopefully turn them into buyers! 

  1. Go to MARKETING and select SIGNUP FORMS from the navigation bar.
  2. With the row for your Lularoe BLESS store, you’ll see a number of signups.
    Ex: if you have had 15 signups on your Email Signup Form, you’ll see “15 signups” as a link. 
  3. Click the link to see your Contacts list filtered to signups only from your Email Signup Form.

Now the possibilities are endless! Check out how to create an email campaign for your signups.


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