Maintain a Secure Amazon Seller Central Account | How To

Maintaining the security of your Amazon Seller Central account should be top priority for your business. Amazon has put measures in place to make sure your account stays secure however it is a good idea to continually review your security and understand how to reinforce it, if necessary.

How to protect your account

Ideally, you will have set up protections on your account to block any hackers that attempt to overtake your account. You can do this in the following ways:

Set up Amazon 2-step verification

Do not share your login password with anyone who doesn’t really need to know it. If you have people who need to take limited actions on your account, rather than giving them your password use the Seller Central features to create a user account with limited permissions.

Regularly review users who have access to your account.

Review your Notification settings and be aware of how to identify false or 'spoofed' emails.

How to tell if your account has been hacked and what to do

Keeping your account safe from hackers also means knowing how to recognize if you account has been compromised and what to do next.

The following occurrences can mean that your account was hacked

  • Your account has numerous products listed which you do not sell.
  • You receive customer inquires about sales you did not make or receive emails from Amazon that do not align with your actual sales.
  • Your bank transfer has not gone through or your bank information has changed.
  • You cannot log into your account.
  • Your Seller Central account is displaying in a foreign language. This can also occur in a browser, causing the Seller Central account to diverted to the country it was hacked from. 

If your account was hacked, take the following steps

  1. Change Your Password
  2. Remove Any Added Users
  3. Set Your Account to "On Vacation". This puts your account in a temporarily inactive state as you take steps to get on top of the situation without more damage being done.
  4. Notify Amazon by calling Amazon Customer Service and ask to be transferred to Seller Support. Tell Seller Support that you believe your account was hacked.


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