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ShippingEasy Branded Tracking is currently available on Basic and above plans.
If you would like help accessing Branded Tracking, contact our support team.

Once you have turned on Branded Tracking and published a template page to be included as a link in your email notifications, you have the ability to make updates to that template as needed. Any updates you make to an already published Branded Tracking page will be visible to anyone who has a link with a still-active shipment. Learn more about setting up Branded Tracking.

Additionally, you can choose to turn off Branded Tracking. This will immediately stop including the link in the notification emails and consumers will be directed to the carrier's tracking page.

To manage your Branded Tracking page

  1. Go to the SETTINGS tab on the top right of your page:
  2. Under ACCOUNT SETTINGS, select Branded Tracking.
  3. On the Branded Tracking page, click Edit Branded Tracking:
  4. Select or unselect stores that will use your Branded Tracking page. When you have finished, click "Next".
    If you have added another store since you first set up Branded Tracking, you will need to go through the setup steps again to add this store to your Branded Tracking page. Use our guide to set up Branded Tracking.

  5. On the Customize Design page, choose from one of ShippingEasy's three themes.Pick_Theme.png
  6. Next, update your Branded Tracking page to show your Store's name, URL, and Logo. When you have finished, click "Next".Branded_Tracking_-_Store.png
  7. Make any edits to the links and social media pages included on your Branded Tracking page. You can add up to five links.
    Make any edits to your Contact information or Return Policy:
  8. To preview any edits you have made to your Branded Tracking page, click on the Mobile, Desktop, and Tablet tabs on the right side of the editor to see how they will appear in each format:
  9. Once you have finished, click Save & Publish.
  10. A message will appear across the top of your Branded Tracking page notifying you that your page is now live:

To turn off your Branded Tracking page:

  1.  If you would like to turn Branded Tracking off, toggle the button from On to "Off" in the top right corner of the Branded Tracking page.
  2. A pop up message will appear, alerting you that you will be turning off Branded Tracking. Click the "Turn Off Branded Tracking Page" button to stop sending consumers to your Branded Tracking page. Consumers who have already placed orders and received a link will be directed to the carrier's Tracking page.


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