Enable Branded Tracking Notifications | How To

ShippingEasy Branded Tracking Notifications is currently available on Basic and above plans.
If you would like help accessing Branded Tracking, contact our support team.

Branded Tracking Notifications in ShippingEasy helps leverage your brand recognition to maintain consistent communications, reduce customer inquiries, and increase ROI for your store. Build brand recognition into your tracking page by adding your logo, colors, and voice. The result is a customized page that customers can access to track their package.

When a customer places an order, they will receive a link to your Branded Tracking Notifications page in their email notification. Customers will have their order information, as well as your store and contact information at their fingertips. It's a great way to signal you are as invested in the process as your buyers.

Carriers that support Branded Tracking Notifications

All other shipments will continue to get the standard confirmation email to track the order. 

After you have turned on Branded Tracking Notifications for your ShippingEasy account and published a template page, all subsequent orders from enabled stores will have a branded tracking page that displays shipment status for 90 days after the order is shipped. If you turn off branded tracking, any tracking links will direct your customers to the carrier's tracking page instead.

The following stores do not allow Branded Tracking Notifications:

  • Amazon
  • Jane
  • Reverb
  • Wish

Setting up a Branded Tracking Notification

  1. Go to SETTINGS.
  3. Within the Branded Tracking Notifications setup, there are three steps:
    • Select the store that will use your Branded Tracking page for shipment notifications.
    • Customize the design by selecting a theme, a logo, and a store name.
    • Add navigation links and additional information to help customers connect with you.
  4. As you design your Branded Tracking page, changes will be reflected in the left-hand preview panel. Use this to view how your Branded Tracking page will look on Mobile, Desktop, and Tablet devices.
  5. On the SELECT STORES page, ShippingEasy displays all the connected stores. The stores that support Branded Tracking Notifications will be checked by default.

    Decide which brand you want to reflect on this tracking page.

    ShippingEasy only supports one Branded Tracking Notification page per account. If you would like ShippingEasy to support multiple branded tracking pages in the future, share your feedback in our Feature Request forums.

    Carefully review the stores and only leave checked stores associated with the brand.
    If you integrate a store after setting up Branded Tracking Notifications, you will need to go through the setup steps again.
  6. Once you have selected the stores related to this Brand, click Next to continue.
  7. On the Customize Design page, choose from one of ShippingEasy's three themes.Pick_Theme.png
    ShippingEasy's LuLaRoe/Bless subscribers will see a fourth theme option. This branded tracking theme is specific to these accounts and is set up as the default.
  8. Enter the Store Name, this will appear at the top of your Branded Tracking Notifications page.
  9. If you would like the store name to be linked to your website, also enter a Store Url.
  10. You have the option to show your Store Name or Logo as the title of your Branded Tracking Notifications page. The Store Name will show by default. If you wish to show a Logo instead, select the Use Image of Logo option and Browse your computer to upload a logo.
  11. Once your store information is entered, click Next to continue.
  12. On the LINKS & OTHER INFORMATION page, you have the opportunity to build out a navigation menu as well as add social media and contact information.
  13. To add a navigation menu, fill in the Menu Links information.

    Type the name of the entry into the Menu Item field and add the URL of the page into the Link field. Menu Item names can be up to 12 characters in length.
  14. Add up to five Menu Links. Click Add Another Link to reveal another Menu Item.

    The Branded Tracking Page can display up to five Menu Links. Branded Tracking Emails are only able to display up to four Menu Links at this time.
  15. Scroll down to the Connect Social Media section to add your social media links to the navigation menu. Social media links will display as icons. If these fields are left blank, the icons will be omitted from the Branded Tracking Notifications page.social_media_links.png
  16. Enter the username for each website you want to appear on the Branded Tracking Notifications page.
  17. Scroll down to the Contact Information section to add your customer support details. If these fields are left blank, they will be omitted from the Branded Tracking Notifications page.
  18. Within the Email and Phone Number fields, add the best contacts for your customers to reach your support team.
  19. Proactively anticipate questions about returns by including a Return Policy. The editor supports text only. Learn more about writing a return policy.
  20. You have now completed the Branded Tracking setup - time to decide to publish or wait.

To immediately begin sending customers to your Branded Tracking Notifications page

Click the Publish Now button. This will update new shipments and shipments that are 'in transit', as long as ShippingEasy has a tracking status.
If you decide to make updates to an already published branded tracking page, the updated page will be visible to anyone who has a link with a still-active shipment.

To wait before sending customers to Branded Tracking Notifications

Click the link for Save, but don't publish. Remember to return later and publish the page.

  1. Once you have published your branded tracking page, you will see the template along with statistics on the right-hand side of the page. These statistics will monitor:
    • Total Page Views: The sum or the total number of times anyone clicks to view a branded tracking page. If the total views are 10 this could mean that one merchant viewed the same page 10 times or 10 different merchants each viewed a different page once.
    • Unique Views: The count of unique merchants that have viewed a branded tracking page. A repeat purchaser will only be counted once here.
    • Total Active Link Clicks: The number of times a merchant has clicked on an active link on your branded tracking page.
    • Assigned Stores: The number of stores you have assigned your branded tracking page to.
  2. The Branded Tracking URL in the email notification will appear as trackshipment.store/[custom-tracking-url] and will link to the Branded Tracking Page.

    If you would like to make any updates to your branded tracking page, you can do so by clicking the Edit Branded Tracking link.

Learn more about managing your Branded Tracking Notifications page.


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