What is included in the LuLaRoe BLESS plan?

The LuLaRoe plan type is available exclusively to LuLaRoe consultants who integrate their BLESS account. As this is the only plan type available to LuLaRoe sellers, we have made sure that it includes everything you need to ship fast and frequently!

  • Unlimited shipping: for only $19/month, you are able to ship as many packages as you can sell!
  • Two users logins: allows for more than one user to log in and ship packages while keeping their own preferences separate. Learn more about having multiple users.
  • ConnectEasy: Included in this plan is an integration for ConnectEasy, our printing application for instant label printing. Learn more about ConnectEasy.
  • Option to add Customer Marketing: For only $9/month, you can add our easy and fun to use marketing tool. Learn how adding Customer Marketing can boost your sales. Learn more about Customer Marketing.
  • Saved packaging and shipping presets: Save the options that you use the most, for quick and cost effective shipping. Get the best rates on services like Priority Mail and Tyvek envelopes. Learn more in our FAQ section under What Shipping Services Should I use?
Can I downgrade from the LuLaRoe Bless plan?

No. The LuLaRoe Bless plan is designed exclusively for the needs of LuLaRoe retailers.

In contrast, ShippingEasy's free Starter plan lacks many key features that LuLaRoe retailers rely on to successfully run their shipping operations and customer marketing.

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