How to: Export my product data from Volusion

Volusion allows you to export your products to a CSV file for easy import into the ShippingEasy Product catalog.

To export your Volusion products to a CSV file:

  1. Log into your Volusion account
  2. Go into your store’s admin page
  3. Go to Inventory > Import/Export
  4. Click on Standard Export
  5. Select the table from which you want to export data
  6. Choose Columns to Export
  7. Select the CSV file type
  8. Click the Export button and download the CSV file to your computer
NOTE: Volusion utilizes Unicode in their CSV exports, if you have any issues with data errors on this export, please visit Volusion’s troubleshooting page.

That's it! Next, learn how to import your products into ShippingEasy.


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