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ShippingEasy's Customer Profile page will show you at-a-glance the purchase and marketing activity of each customer. On this page, you can also make updates to the contact information, add or remove notes and tags, or reach out to them directly with a message.

To access this profile, navigate to the MARKETING drop-down and select CONTACTS. From there, click on the name of the individual customer to view their profile.


1. Contact Profile

 Brief overview of customer profile including:

  • Status as active, repeat or inactive
  • Date of last engagement with campaigns
  • Date of first purchase
  • Date of most recent purchase
  • Total number of orders
  • Total dollar amount of orders
2. Contact Information  Current contact information of customer that can be edited from profile page.
Checkbox indicates if contact may be included in marketing emails.
Shows which lists include the contact.
3. Send Email Directly reach out to a contact with a plain text email. Learn more.
4. Add Note Add notes to contact profile by clicking the '+' sign to the right of the box.
5. Manage Tags Add or remove tags to a specific contacts. Learn more.
6. View Campaigns View current and past campaigns which include contact.
7. Manage Lists Add or remove contact from lists.
8. Order History View complete purchase history of customer, including shipped and unshipped orders. All line items in an order are shown.
9. Contact Notes View any notes added to contact profile.
10. Email History

View emails sent to contact, as well as the:

  • Subject line
  • Date and type of last engagement with campaign
  • Open status
  • Date sent







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