Win Back Lapsed Customers for Repeat Business | Guide

Turn lapsed customers into repeat buyers with a strategic Winback Campaign in ShippingEasy. Gaining repeat customers is the key to a successful business. ShippingEasy offers two ways to remind customers to that your business has more to offer. Regular Winback Campaigns help you reach out to inactive customers who have not placed an order with you in over 120 days. Then use Automated Winback Campaigns to email recent customers at strategic intervals and keep their interest.

Use a Regular Winback Campaign to Target Inactive Customers:

In ShippingEasy, we define Inactive as a customer who placed an order more than 120 days ago.

A Regular Winback Campaign is best targeted at inactive customers. Inactive customers may benefit from a:

  • Winback reminder to visit your site or stock up: These customers might have have purchased before you set up your email marketing system. Remind them about your brand's value.
  • Newsletter showcasing your newest products: They may not know about new products that you have added to your store. Share new listings with these customers.
To get started targeting inactive customers with a regular campaign:
  1. Create a list of customers from over 120 days ago
  2. Create a regular campaign from one of ShippingEasy's Winback templates

Schedule an Automated Winback Campaign to Engage Recent Customers:

Within your contact list, recent customers have purchased with you within the last 120 days.

Before a customer becomes inactive, you can set up an Automated Campaign that will touch the customer at specified times, helping to re-engage them with your brand. ShippingEasy's ready-to-use Automated Campaign templates include:

  • Lapsed Customer Winback: A quick way to send a coupon or offer when it has been a while since a customer last purchased.
  • Buy Again Reminder: A friendly reminder to reorder consumables or subscriptions after a certain time period.

These campaigns are suitable for customers who placed orders within the past 120 days, as well as all new customers going forward.

To start reaching out to recent customers through an automated campaign:
  1. Select an Automated Campaign template
  2. When you are ready to select the customers who will received the campaign, you will see an option to email customers when their last purchase date is within the last 30, 45, 60, 90 or 120 days. Use this to reach customers who placed orders before you enabled the campaign.existing_order_campaign_condition_past_30_days.PNG


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