Automated Campaigns for Shopify Abandoned Carts | How To

Shopify Abandoned Cart campaigns are available in ShippingEasy. This allows you to automate a message to a potential customer who almost made it through to checkout but never clicked the final “purchase” button. Abandoned Cart emails are one of the highest-yielding types of email in e-commerce. It is an essential sales tool for Shopify merchants.

Each automated email message will include:

  • A link that returns the customer directly back to their cart
  • A list of the products that were in their cart

Create an automated campaign for Shopify Abandoned Carts

  1. Go to MARKETING  and select EMAIL CAMPAIGNS from the navigation bar.
  2. Click the Create Campaign button to the left of the page.
  3. Select Automated in the Campaign Template modal.
  4. Select the Abandoned Cart template under the "Increase Sales" campaign group.
  5. On the EMAIL TEMPLATE gallery, hover over the Abandoned Cart template you want to use. Click Preview to view the template and Select to apply the template to your campaign.
  6. On the Campaign Editor page, customize the campaign to fit your specific brand. Learn more about how to customize a campaign.
  7. When you are finished, click Save & Continue.
    Selecting Save allows you to save your work periodically without leaving the editor.
  8. On the AUDIENCE page, set the schedule for when the Automated Campaign is sent. By default, Abandoned Cart emails are sent one hour after the buyer with no history of orders or purchases has abandoned the cart. You have the option to send a campaign a set number of hours or days after the cart is abandoned.
  9. When the schedule has been set, click the blue Review Campaign button at the bottom of the page to be directed to the Campaign Confirmation page.
  10. On the Campaign Confirmation page, review the scheduling condition of your campaign and specify the external details of the email. Fill in the following:
      • Reply-To Email: where any replies from your customer will be sent
      • From Display Name: the name of the sender displayed in your customer's inbox
      • Subject Line: the subject of the email to be displayed in your customer's inbox
    Variables can also be copied from this article and inserted into the Subject Line, From Display Name, and Reply-To Email fields. The only variable available for the Reply-To Email field is the Email {{}} variable.
  11. Click Activate Campaign to finish setting up the Automated Campaign. Emails will be sent as the conditions are met.
    If you have not subscribed to Customer Marketing, a pop-up will appear asking if you would like to activate this feature. Click the button in the pop-up to begin your subscription.
  12. A modal will appear confirming that you are about to send an Abandoned Cart Campaign. To avoid sending duplicate emails, make sure that any other active Abandoned Cart campaigns in your Shopify store have been disabled. Click Activate to confirm.

Once you have your Abandoned Cart Campaign set up, learn how to organize new customers with Contact Tags to quickly include them on future campaigns!


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