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To see your Profile information, navigate to Logged in as in the top right corner of the app and select MY PROFILE from the drop down. This page allows each user on your account to update their individual profile settings such as email, shipping address and permissions.


1. First and Last Name  The user name visible in the app when logged into the account.
2. Email Each user has a unique email address used to log into the ShippingEasy account. Learn how to edit your email.
3. Change Password Keep your password secure with periodic updates. Learn how to update your password.
4. Shipping Address Assign and update a unique 'Ship From' addresses for each user. Learn more.
5. Automatically Advance
    Ship Date After
Automatically advance the date after a cut off time for qualifying shipments via USPS, FedEx or DHL Express. Learn more.
6. Remember Filter Settings Filtered settings on the ORDERS and SHIPMENT HISTORY pages can be saved for each user. Learn more.
7. Instant Rate Purchases

Control how Instant Rate purchases are made from the ORDERS page. This can be toggled to:

  • Always confirm before purchasing
  • Buy label immediately
8. Permissions Control the settings and actions available on your account. Learn more.
9. Printer Settings Confirm the printer settings for each user. Printer settings can be updated on the PRINTER CONFIGURATION page.



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