Sync order statuses from BigCommerce into ShippingEasy | How To

ShippingEasy will show the status information from each order from your store on the ORDERS page. The following order statuses from BigCommerce will automatically sync to ShippingEasy:

  • Awaiting Fulfillment
  • Awaiting Shipment
  • Partially Shipped

The status Awaiting Payment is not automatically included in order downloads. You can manually select to include this in order downloads by following these steps.

To select BigCommerce order statuses to sync into ShippingEasy:

  1. Click SETTINGS from anywhere in the app
  2. Then click STORES & ORDERS
  3. Under your BigCommerce store information, click Edit store settings.
  4. Under the "Orders" tab, check the boxes next to the statuses you would like to sync.
    Uncheck the boxes next to the statuses you do not want to sync.
  5. Then click "Save"  and that's it!


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