Save Filter Settings for Orders and Shipments | How To

You have the option to filter to view selected orders and shipments on the ORDERS and SHIPMENT HISTORY pages in ShippingEasy. Learn more about filtering orders and shipments. For a quick and consistent workflow, each user has the option to save the filter view for each of these pages. To save this user preference, follow these steps.

To remember filter settings for orders and shipments:

  1. In the top right corner of the app, click Logged in as and select My Profile from the drop down.
  2. On the PROFILE page, navigate to the section and locate the toggle options beside.
    When the Remember Filter Settings field is toggled to:
    • Enable: ShippingEasy preserves the last filter settings on the ORDERS and SHIPMENT HISTORY pages. By default this is enabled.
    • Disable: ShippingEasy will reset the page filters each time the user navigates away from the ORDERS or SHIPMENT HISTORY pages.
  3. Make your selection and click Save.



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