Import Wish Product SKUs and Stock Levels | Overview

ShippingEasy can now import your Products and Variant SKUs directly from your Wish store and add them to your Products catalog in ShippingEasy. This is a great way to update your Products and stock levels quickly! When you choose to Import Products from your Wish store, ShippingEasy will take care of the following:

  • Adding any SKUs that are not already included in your ShippingEasy Products catalog.
  • Set the initial stock level for newly added SKUs. These stock levels will match those in your store.
When ShippingEasy will not import your Wish Product:

Products that already exist in your Products catalog.

Any products that have already been added to your Products catalog will be ignored and will not be updated as part of import process. This makes it easy to import products again in the future, if you add more products or variant SKUs to your Wish store in the future.

Products that are on listings that have ended.

Only products that are active will be imported. If a listing or product is later re-listed as Active, then ShippingEasy will pull it in on the next products import.


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