The Product Catalog

This guide will cover the product catalog page and everything you can do to streamline your shipping and inventory processes as much as possible.

Step by Step Walkthrough

The product catalog displays information about your products like weight, name, and product category. If you have our inventory management tool enabled, you will also see information about stock levels.


You can adjust what information is displayed using the arrange columns button. Just drag and drop columns you with to add or remove:


On the left, you can use the filters to view only the products you want to see and increase the number displayed per page:


Clicking on a product brings you into the details page which shows you information about product details, stock, suppliers, history, and stores that sell the product.


The four buttons in the top right allow you to adjust this product in different ways


  1. Adjust stock - Changes the stock level of this SKU
  2. Send to store - Push the current stock level to any store this product is linked with
  3. Add SKU Alias - Give this product additional SKUs that can be recognized by the inventory management system
  4. Edit - Adjust details like weight, image, description.

Adding Products

There are 3 ways to add products to the product catalog:


  1. Import from store
  2. Upload CSV
  3. Add product manually

Import From Store - Clicking this option will bring up a list of stores we are able to import products from:


Deselect any you don’t want and click continue. Before the import, you arrange the stores in order of accurate product information, as well as advising you that your product catalog will be locked during this process while it updates:


When you click "Start Update" your product catalog will look like this until the process is complete:


Once it’s done, any products with SKUs will have all their information imported into your product catalog.

You can also upload a CSV file with product information to add to the product catalog. Check out this article for a detailed walkthrough of that process.

Finally, selecting “Add Product” allows you to manually enter the details of a single product:


Likewise, if you want to export your product catalog to a CSV, use the “Export Products” button and choose which products you want exported:


Finally, the Actions drop down has some more things you can do with your products:


Group Variants - Merge variations of a single product into one group.

Categorize - Add selected products to the chosen product category.

Mark Active - Turn inactive products active and start tracking them.

Mark Inactive - Turn active products inactive, stop tracking them, and remove them from the default catalog view.

Merge Products - If the same product is listed twice with 2 different SKUs, you can merge this and make one SKU a SKU Alias.

Allocate Stock to Orders - This assigns available stock to current orders to determine which can be shipped.

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