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ShippingEasy partners with Shipsurance to provide affordable shipment insurance. Learn more about Shipsurance.


What is covered by shipping insurance?


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by Carrier
Lost Damaged
by Weather
Theft Electronics eCigarettes


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Cigarettes Precious


When should I insure my orders?

When considering the business case for insuring packages, a cost and risk analysis can help cement your decision. This formula, based on your own data and loss history, may prove useful:

[ Number of shipments lost or damaged (#) / Total number of shipments (#) ] x Average order value ($) > Average insurance cost ($) per item

For example, let's assume:

  • You sell leather shoes with an average order value of $200
  • and ship 100 pairs per month
  • with a loss ratio of 1 shipment out of the 100
  • Formula: 1/100 x $200 = $2
  • RESULT: if it costs less than $2 on average to insure an order, it makes business sense to insure

Learn more about the cost to insure a package.


How do I insure my shipments?

ShippingEasy provides three simple ways to insure your shipments:

  • Insure individual shipments from the READY TO SHIP page. Learn more.
  • Protect all shipments over a minimum value with SHIPMENT INSURANCE defaults. Learn more.
  • Automatically pinpoint specific shipments to insure with SHIPPING RULES. Learn more.


How do I make a claim?

It's all online!

Submit your claim by clicking the Insured Value in your SHIPMENT HISTORY on ShippingEasy.


Learn more about filing an insurance claim with Shipsurance.


For more information or help getting started, please reach out to our team.

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