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ShippingEasy uses rate quote recommendations that make getting shipping rates quick and effortless. Rate quote recommendations allow you to get your labels if no other shipping setting has been set up. 

What is a rate quote recommendation?

A rate quote recommendation automatically assigning a carrier, service, and packaging option on the ORDERS page to orders that meet the requirements of having a verified address and weight for the order. An eligible order will then display the cost and recommended service to the left of the order:


Rate quote recommendations always use USPS as the carrier and service based on the order weight. It is important to remember that if you are missing weights for any of your products, the recommended service might not be accurate.

If you have shipping rules in place, or a default preset that applies to all your orders, that will take precedence over an instant rate suggestion. This feature will only offer suggestions for orders that have no other preset applied to them in any way.

How does ShippingEasy select a rate?

ShippingEasy will assign a carrier and service using a hierarchy. Each entry in the hierarchy overrides all entries below:

  1. Manual selecting a Shipping Preset from the Shipping Selection drop-down menu -->
  2. Shipping Rule -- >
  3. Previous Selection -- >
  4. Default Selection -- >
  5. Recommendation

Hovering over the "i" icon will show you how the rate was determined.

The available options are:

To view all orders with a rate quote recommendation

Filtering your orders on the ORDERS page allows you to quickly view and group unshipped orders by specific criteria.

  1. Click on "More Filters" in the filter toolbar above the orders.
  2. Expand the Rate Quote filter and select "With a rate quote- recommendation".
  3. Select the box to the left of the orders you are ready to ship and click the Buy Labels button at the top of the ORDERS page. This button will be highlighted with a running count of the number of labels selected along with the sum total postage required to purchase labels for the selected orders.
No recommended rate quote listed

If the order is missing a requirement necessary for a quote, such as the weight, instead of a rate to the left of the order, you will see a yellow caution sign. Simply click it to resolve the issue and get a quote.

  • Order weight: many shipping services are weight dependent. Some are weight-restricted and others have weight-based rates. If you plan to use such a service, then you will need to update the order weight before using recommended rates. Learn more about editing order weights.
  • Automatic postage refills: your USPS postage balance works like a debit card. You add postage to your account. Then, buy labels with the postage you have already paid for. Automatic postage refills mean you are never interrupted to top off your postage balance. Learn how to set up an auto-refill postage balance.

    Add Postage Alert: If you have not set up automatic postage refills and your postage balance is below the amount needed to ship your package, you will be prompted to purchase more or sign up for Auto Refills.

Purchasing your label

  1. Find the order you want to ship.
  2. Review the carrier service assigned. If you would like to change the carrier and service, you can select a different Shipping Preset from the drop-down menu.

    The "Shipping Selections" drop-down menu contains Automated Selections and Shipping Presets. These options will be displayed separately.
  3. After you select an entry, ShippingEasy will display the rate quote.

  4. Click on Buy Label to purchase your label.
  5. It is time to print your label!


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