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ShippingEasy’s Amazon Feedback Management tool makes growing, tracking and curating your Amazon reputation easier than ever. This guide will show you how to set up and get the most out of this tool.

Video Walkthrough

If you prefer, feel free to watch the short video that covers the information in this section and follow along on your account:

Step By Step Guide

To get to the Amazon Feedback Management page, hover over marketing on the blue bar at the top, and select “Amazon Feedback Management” from the drop down:


The Amazon Feedback Management tool is divided into 3 parts:


Amazon Campaigns, where you set up and track your automatic feedback solicitation campaigns

Product Reviews, where you track and manage product reviews; choosing which products will be tracked and responding to reviews that warrant a response.

Seller Feedback, where you track and respond to seller feedback your buyers have provided.

Amazon Campaigns

This page Allows you to create Amazon Product Review and Seller Feedback solicitation automated email campaigns, then track their progress.


These buttons take you to the campaign creation workflow, check out this guide for a more comprehensive look on creating these email campaigns:

Below, the gear icon allows you to edit or pause the campaign:


And to the right, you can see the statistics for the campaign:


Product Reviews

The product reviews page allows you to track product reviews for specific ASINs. The number of ASINs you can track is determined by your plan level.

You add products to track by clicking the “Manage tracked products” button on the right:


After clicking the button, paste in the ASINs you want ShippingEasy to track reviews for:


Then below, you can see every review your tracked products have received:


You can also search for specific ASINs in the top left:


If you want to see the comment the customer left and respond to it, click the button to the right of the review that says “Respond on Amazon”


Seller Feedback

The seller feedback page is a lot like the product review page, except it only track seller feedback. Though, keep in mind we only track neutral and negative feedback.

At the top your feedback is tracked for different time periods:


Then at the bottom, you can see each review, and search for ratings with specific star ratings, or from specific stores:


The date range can be adjusted on the right side:


If you want to respond to customer feedback, just click the “Respond on Amazon” button next to the review:


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