FAQs: Amazon Shipping

Amazon Shipping has decided to suspend its services on June 5th, 2020. This will be the last available date for package pick up and all packages in transit will continue to their destination.

After June 5th, Amazon Shipping will be unavailable within ShippingEasy. If you have created any service mappings or automation rules in ShippingEasy that leverage Amazon Shipping services, you must update them with alternative shipping providers or fulfillment solutions.

For help or questions on this, you can reach out to amazonshipping@shippingeasy.com or your account manager. If you have any further Amazon Shipping questions, you will need to reach out to the dedicated support team at Amazon Shipping which will be available until March 2021.

Click through the follow FAQs to get learn more about Amazon Shipping.

How do I get Amazon Shipping enabled in ShippingEasy?

You will need to be approved for Amazon Shipping. Once you are approved, your Amazon Shipping account manager will help direct you to getting this carrier enabled in ShippingEasy.

How can I use Amazon Shipping in ShippingEasy?

You can currently use Amazon Shipping for your non-Prime Amazon orders.

What rates will I see for Amazon Shipping labels?

You will negotiate your own rates with Amazon Shipping.You will see these negotiated rates in ShippingEasy.

How will I be charged for my Amazon Shipping labels?

You will manage your Amazon Shipping payment with Amazon. To learn more about the payment process, please see the Amazon Shipping help section for more details.

Can I create a Shipping Preset for Amazon Shipping?

Yes! You can only create an Shipping Preset from the Ready to Ship screen for Amazon Shipping at this time.

How do I manage my Amazon Shipping labels?

You can manage most of your shipments directly within ShippingEasy.

Can I cancel an Amazon Shipping label?

Yes! You can request to cancel an Amazon Shipping label. You can cancel shipments if they are still in a Ready for Pickup state with Amazon Shipping. Please see the Amazon Shipping help section for more details.

Can I use Amazon Shipping for a return?

No. At this time, Amazon Shipping does not recommend their service for returns.

What label sizes are supported on Amazon Shipping?

You can print your Amazon Shipping labels onto any of our 4x6 label formats.

Can I ship an order in multiple labels?

No. ShippingEasy does not support multi-box via Amazon Shipping at this time.

Why did I get a USPS label when I printed via Amazon Shipping?

In order to meet delivery times, Amazon Shipping may route your shipments to a USPS label.

Does Amazon include or offer shipment insurance?

Yes. Amazon includes $100 coverage per shipment by default.

Can I post-date Amazon shipping labels?

Yes. On the READY TO SHIP page, you have the option to advance the ship date of shipments.

NOTE: to comply with Amazon's guidelines, you must delay the shipment notification to  your Amazon store once you have post-dated Amazon shipment labels. Learn how to delay the shipment notification sent to your store.
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