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Priority Mail Express is USPS's fastest shipping service. Depending on the distance a shipment must travel, USPS will make a delivery guarantee of 1 to 3 business days for domestic shipments. To ensure that this delivery guarantee is met, read through these frequently asked questions.

Is an "Acceptance Scan" necessary to guarantee delivery time?


The "Acceptance Scan" is key for the USPS to determine the delivery standard timeframe. Therefore, to obtain a Service Standard Guarantee on Priority Mail Express items – the shipper is recommended to take the item to their local post office to obtain the "Acceptance Scan".

Where does the package need to be dropped off / picked up to get the "Acceptance Scan"?

In order to establish the guaranteed delivery service standard for Priority Mail Express, the package must be presented at a USPS retail office/counter or back dock and handed to a USPS employee to obtain the "Acceptance Scan".

The "Acceptance Scan" will start the clock on the service guarantee standard which will be displayed on the tracking profile to determine the final delivery performance.

If an item only receives an “Origin Acceptance” scan when the manifest is generated, this does not mean the same as "Acceptance Scan".

The “Origin Acceptance” scan is an automated scan event that occurs along with an “Enroute” scan at processing facilities. This scan pre-populates 1 hour and 15 minutes prior to the “Enroute” scan and prompts a “scheduled” delivery date based on service performance standards. It does not provide a guaranteed delivery date.

When will an "Acceptance Scan" occur?

An "Acceptance Scan" will occur if and when a USPS employee manually scans the mail piece as “accepted”. This is not a generated scan event that is triggered by any other events.

Packages collected from Blue Collection Boxes may or may not receive an "Acceptance Scan" depending on if the employee collecting the mailpieces has a scanner or is able to identify every piece that has a tracking label.

To ensure that a package receives a manual/hard scan, the package should be handed to a USPS employee either at the retail counter or Post Office back dock.

Will a SCAN form trigger an "Acceptance Scan"?

The USPS SCAN Form 5630 will not trigger an "Acceptance Scan" for each parcel linked to the manifest form 5630.

The USPS form defines its purpose as a link to the parcels as “Shipment Confirmation” Accepted.

"Acceptance Scan" will only occur at the Post Office. The USPS validated the start date/time as when the USPS scanned the parcel ACCEPTED

Does USPS Priority Mail also support guaranteed delivery?

No. While delivery in 2- and 3- days is quite possible, it is not guaranteed. Only USPS Priority Mail Express provides guaranteed delivery. 


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