Cost to Track Amazon Product Reviews - Monthly Pricing | Overview

ShippingEasy is removing the Amazon Feedback Management feature from the Customer Marketing tool, effective June 30, 2020.

The following Amazon Feedback Management features will be removed:

  • Product Review Tracking
  • Seller Feedback Trackings

Keep in mind, you will still be able to use ShippingEasy to send Amazon Product Review Request and Seller Feedback Request automated campaigns.

Learn more about your options for tracking product reviews.

ShippingEasy can track reviews of Amazon products and send email notifications for each review. This allows you to quickly follow up on poor reviews. Start tracking Amazon Product Reviews.

Once you start tracking product reviews, use the feedback dashboard to review insights at a glance. Learn how to view and respond to your Amazon Product Reviews in ShippingEasy.

How much does it cost to track my Amazon Product Reviews?

ShippingEasy will track reviews on 3 Amazon products for FREE!

You can track reviews on more than 3 Amazon products for a low monthly fee. The exact fee depends on the number of Amazon products that are tracked.

Tier | Products Tracked Monthly Price
3 Free
20 $9
50 $14
100 $24
500 $99
1,000 $149

Amazon Product Review tracking is billed monthly, for the last month's usage.


How am I prorated for when I upgrade my Amazon Feedback Management Tier?

You will see a prorated charge on your account at the start of your next billing cycle.

NOTE: Amazon Product Review tracking is not included with a ShippingEasy free trial. We recommend trialing Amazon Feedback Management by tracking 3 products for free.

When you are ready to track more products, you can upgrade your Amazon Feedback Management Tier. Then at the start of your next billing cycle, you will be billed for the number of days that you were subscribed to the tier during the previous billing cycle.

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