Prevent Sending Emails to Amazon Customers Who Have Left a Negative Review | How To

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ShippingEasy's Amazon Seller Suite comes equipped with the tools to maintain good relationships with customers. This includes the option to prevent sending a campaign email to customers who have left a negative review of a product.

ShippingEasy has specific Amazon templates that can be used to create email campaigns for your Amazon store orders. 

  • Amazon Seller Feedback Request
  • Amazon Product Review Request

Once you have configured a campaign using either of these templates, you will be able to establish rules for who receives the campaign on the "Audience" page. Learn how to set up a campaign.

To prevent sending emails to Amazon customers who have left a negative review:

  1. Once you have finished customizing the campaign, go to the "Audience" page from above the campaign.
  2. Scroll to the section "People who meet the following conditions":
  3. Check the box next to Exclude customers who have previously left negative feedback.
  4. Complete the schedule according to your needs and click "Review Campaign".


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