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In order to send a regular email campaign, it must be sent to a contact list created within ShippingEasy. Making contact lists is easy, and this guide will show you how.

Video Walkthrough

If you prefer, feel free to watch the short video that covers the information in this section and follow along on your account:

Step by Step Guide

The easiest way to make contacts is on the Contacts page within the Customer Marketing Tool:


The easiest way to make a list is to use the filters on the left side of the page to group the customers that will be in the list:


Then select them and use the “Add/Remove from Lists” button:


The menu will show your existing lists, as well as the option to create a new list:


If you click “Create List” you are prompted to add a name and description for your new list:


You can manage your lists by clicking to the “Lists” tab on the Contacts page:


Here you can create new lists, and edit or delete existing lists. Clicking on a list brings you into the edit window where you can edit the contents, add tags, or export the list:


Using Lists in Email Campaigns

When you create a regular email campaign, you must select a contact list to send it to during step 3 “Audience”:


You can also create a list right on the spot by clicking the “Create a New List” tab:

“Select from a list of customers” take you to the front page of contacts to create the list as normal.

“Paste in emails” takes you to the “Add Multiple Contacts” page, which allows you to paste in the emails you want to use and create a list at the same time. 


You can create lists whenever you add a contact, whether a single contact, multiple contacts, or uploading. See the uploading contacts guide for more information.


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