How to: Add Amazon Product tracking to my subscription

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ShippingEasy can track reviews of Amazon products and send email notifications for each review. This allows you to quickly follow up on poor reviews. There is also a dashboard that provides review insights at a glance.

ShippingEasy will track reviews on three Amazon products for FREE! You can track reviews on more than three Amazon products for a low fee.

NOTE: Amazon Product tracking is included in Amazon Reputation Management. This is different than a Customer Marketing subscription, which does not include Amazon Product tracking.

It's highly recommended to subscribe to both Amazon Reputation Management and Customer Marketing.


To track reviews for more than three Amazon products:

  1. Hover over the MARKETING tab in the blue navigation bar and select AMAZON REPUTATION MANAGEMENT from the drop down.
  2. Click the Product Reviews tab.
  3. Click the Upgrade Account link.
  4. Scroll down to the Amazon Reputation Management entry. Select the number of products to track. 
  5. Click the toggle to switch it from Off to On.
NOTE: Your next ShippingEasy invoice will include a line item for "Amazon Reputation Management."


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