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ShippingEasy is removing the Amazon Feedback Management feature from the Customer Marketing tool, effective June 30, 2020.

The following Amazon Feedback Management features will be removed:

  • Product Review Tracking
  • Seller Feedback Trackings

Keep in mind, you will still be able to use ShippingEasy to send Amazon Product Review Request and Seller Feedback Request automated campaigns.

During this time of transition, we are more than happy to help assist in transitioning you to a new platform that provides similar product and seller feedback tracking provided within ShippingEasy today.

A few popular alternatives include:

If you have more questions about these changes, reach out to ShippingEasy's Customer Success team.

ShippingEasy can track reviews of Amazon products. The product reviews are displayed on dashboards that provide review insights at a glance.

Viewing Amazon Product Reviews in ShippingEasy

  1. Hover over the MARKETING tab in the blue navigation bar and select AMAZON FEEDBACK MANAGEMENT from the drop down.
  2. Click the tab for Product Reviews.
  3. The first table - Product Reviews Summary - gives an overview of your Amazon product reviews. This data updates twice daily, once in the middle of the night and once during the day.

    NOTE: ShippingEasy will also send you an email when a buyer has left a new product review.

    Each row shows counts for a specific time frame: the previous 1 month, 3 months, 1 year, and, lifetime.

    Product review counts are displayed for:

    1. Positive Reviews: 4 or 5 stars
    2. Neutral Reviews: 3 stars
    3. Negative Reviews: 1 or 2 stars

    In addition, the number of "Amazon Orders" received and number of "Emails Sent" for Amazon Product Review Requests are shown.

    NOTE: Only Customer Marketing subscribers can send Amazon Product Review Request emails.

  4. The second table - Product Reviews - lists all of the product reviews for your Amazon products. Keep in mind that ShippingEasy is pulling in reviews based on product ASIN, not buyer. So if other merchants have listed a product with the same ASIN, you may see reviews from people who did not buy from you.

    There are several ways to find specific reviews:
    1. Filter to a specific date range
    2. Search by Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN)
    3. Filter by type of review: positive, neutral, or negative
  5. Maintaining a high review rating is important when selling on Amazon, so the best approach is to respond promptly to neutral and negative reviews. When you're ready to read comments or publicly reply to a review, click Respond on Amazon.

    NOTE: Amazon's policies prevent ShippingEasy from displaying the buyer's comments.

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