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Tags are an easy way to sort customers into groups that might not otherwise be obvious to the filters. This guide shows how to add them and how to utilize them effectively.

Video Walkthrough

If you prefer, feel free to watch the short video that covers the information in this section and follow along on your account:

Step By Step Guide

Contact tags can be added 4 different ways:

  1. Individually from the contact tag page
  2. To multiple contacts from the contact page
  3. Automatically via Shipping Rules
  4. Via CSV upload

Adding Tags Individually from the Contact Tag Page

Navigate to the contacts page by hovering over Marketing on the blue bar at the top and selecting “Contacts”:

Click a contact to edit it, then select “Manage Tags” to add or delete tags from the contact:



Adding Tags to Multiple Contacts from the Contact Page

On the contacts page, use the filters on the left side to display the contacts you wish to add the tag to:


Click the “Select All” checkbox to select them:


Then click the “Actions” button and choose add or remove tags:


Adding Tags Automatically via Shipping Rules

You can easily keep your contact tags up to date by including their addition in Shipping Rules. To do this, go to the Shipping Rules section of the Settings page:


In the “Then” section of your rule use the “Add contact tags” action and the tag you wish to add. You can add more than one if necessary:


In the “If” section of the rule, set up the conditions that must be met in order to add that tag. You can use things like order total, store, SKU purchased, just about anything. See our Shipping Rules guide for more info on creating shipping rules.

Adding Tags Via CSV upload

I recommend checking out the full contact CSV upload guide for details on the upload process, but all you need to do to include tags is to have a column in your CSV called “Tags” that includes the tags for each customer on the list. 


Then just map that field to the “Tags” field when uploading your CSV:


Using Contact Tags

Contact tags are used in three places:

  1. As a filter on the contacts page
  2. As an “if” condition in Shipping Rules
  3. As a condition in Automated email campaigns
Using Contact Tags As a Filter on the Contacts Page

To filter using your tags, scroll to the tags filter on the left side and enter the tag you want to apply as a filter:


Using Contact Tags As an “If” Condition in Shipping Rules

You can have ShippingEasy check for tags on customers that place orders with Shipping Rules to facilitate automated actions with the order based on the tag. Just set “Contact Tags” as an If condition:


This allows you to take actions based on customer history, like special packing slips or confirmation emails. Check out the Shipping Rules guide for more possibilities. 

Using Contact Tags As a Condition in Automated Email Campaigns

Most automated campaigns can use Contact Tags as a condition to determine to whom the email gets sent:


Check out the Automated Campaign Guide for a more detailed walkthrough of creating automated campaigns.

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