How to: Restrict automatic stock updates to specific product SKUs

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This feature is available to Inventory Management subscribers. Learn more.

ShippingEasy makes it simple to update stock levels for all the products in a store. Enabling inventory tracking for a store means that ShippingEasy will send automatic stock updates every 10 minutes. Learn more.

Once you’ve enabled inventory tracking for a store, you may need more control over which SKUs' stock levels are updated.

That's why you have the option to turn on/off inventory updates on a SKU level. Turning "on" updates, gives ShippingEasy permission to send stock levels for the SKU. Turning "off" prevents ShippingEasy from sending stock updates to any store for the SKU.

To restrict stock updates to specific product SKUs:

  1. Expand the INVENTORY menu and select PRODUCT CATALOG.
  2. Locate the SKU that you want to update and click on it.
  3. Locate the Send Inventory Updates to Stores toggle on the top left of the page and switch it to the desired setting: On or Off

The setting is automatically saved. Going forward, ShippingEasy will check your preference for this SKU to determine if automatic stock updates should be sent to your store.

Just repeat this for any other SKUs in your PRODUCT CATALOG.

TIP: you can also use a CSV product upload to turn on/off inventory updates across multiple SKUs at the same time. Learn more about CSV product uploads.


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