What columns can be displayed on the PRODUCTS page?

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ShippingEasy offers you the option to customize what columns you see on the PRODUCTS page, as well as the order in which they are arranged. By default, some columns will be displayed when you first sign up for Inventory Management. Others are available to be added.

To add, remove, or rearrange your columns on the PRODUCTS page click the Arrange Columns link and specify which columns are displayed and what order they are displayed in. Learn more.


Column Title
Column Description
Available The total amount of stock you have available for sale.
Awaiting The total amount of stock you have ordered, but not yet received from your supplier(s).  
Category The Product Category used to group your products together. Learn more.
Committed The total amount of stock you have committed to orders that have not yet been shipped.
Days to Reorder (DTR) Number of days before the merchant must order new stock to avoid running out of Available inventory.
FBA Available If the product is stored at FBA, this is the stock Available for sale (Stock minus Committed) at the FBA warehouse
FBA Stock If the product is stored at FBA, this is the total Stock (Available plus Committed) at the FBA warehouse.
FBA Threshold The minimum stock level you set for FBA stock. Learn more. 
Image The image of the product.
Max Available Quantity The stock level you want sent to your stores regardless of how much Available stock you actually have on hand. Learn more. 
Name The Name of the product
SKU The stock keeping unit you use to identify your product(s).
Safety Stock Threshold Stock level set by you to avoid overselling on the platform. Available for Inventory Management users. Learn more.
Stock The total amount of stock you have on hand. Note: this is the available stock and committed stock counted together. 
Threshold The Low Stock Threshold of the product (user-defined).
Total Available The total quantity of the SKU that is available for sale, from both your warehouse and the FBA warehouse. This value cannot be included in inventory updates to your store.
Total Stock The total Stock (Available plus Committed) of the product. 
Velocity Units sold per day.
Warehouse Bin Your location/identifier of the Product within the warehouse.
Weight Stored weight for each Product SKU.


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